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Frequently Asked Questions


Steel and other metals rust over time with exposure to oxygen and moisture. Powder coating creates a protective barrier to help prevent rust and other quality concerns. Powder coating is guaranteed to preserve the integrity of bare steel or aluminum to protect metal frames and prevent rust for 10 years and has the potential to last up to 20 years depending on the exposure to UV light and outdoor environment.

Additional layers of coating can be added on top of previous layers to reinforce strength and durability with increased edge coverage and transfer efficiency. Powder coating results in a deeply pigmented color with no streaking or lines from thinned paint and helps colors stay bright and vibrant longer. Plus, maintenance is easy with only a little soap and water needed to keep it clean.

Powder coating from VistaView offers the opportunity to match almost any color specification, as well as match our standard colors: Aldora White, Bermuda Bronze and Flat Black.

Low-e glass has a coating applied to it, making windows and doors substantially more energy efficient. VistaView offers Solarban® 70, a sun-blocking glass designed to efficiently protect against UV rays and prevent high heating and cooling costs. While the transparent low-e glass keeps out solar heat, it still allows more than 60% of daylight into your home for natural brightness.

Yes, Aldora offers Peterson shower doors with numerous door style options including framed, frameless, barn door and bypass. We also offer Murano shower hardware for timeless style with rigorous testing and a 3-year warranty.

VistaView creates custom fabricated glass for shower doors, heavy glass, mirrors, wine rooms, railings and more. Custom styles come to life with tempered, laminated, fire-rated and insulated glass services.

For windows and doors that give your completed project a highly unique touch, VistaView provides multiple options. Seamlessly blending into your design, our windows and doors transform your projects into a clean, distinguished look—while also providing consistent quality. And with custom powder coating, you’re guaranteed color matching every time.