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Sun-Blocking Windows and Doors to Elevate Indoor Experiences

Effortlessly maintain your home’s ideal temperature with Solarban 70 glass offered by VistaView. Designed for comfort and safety, Solarban 70 is the superior choice to effectively insulate any residence and block harmful UV rays.

Effortlessly Maintain Your Home’s Ideal temperature with Solarban 70 Glass

Designed for comfort and safety, Solarban 70 is the superior choice to effectively insulate any residence and block harmful UV rays. Discover significant utility savings for lower heating and cooling demands throughout the year—the perfect solution for varying weather conditions.

Explore Industry-Leading Solarban 70 Features

What is Solarban 70 Glass?

Solarban 70 is a sun-blocking glass designed to efficiently protect against UV rays and prevent high heating and cooling costs. It’s the most commonly specified triple-silver-coated low-e solar glass for doors and windows. While the transparent low-e glass keeps out solar heat, it still allows more than 60% of daylight into your home for natural brightness.

How Effective is Solarban 70 at Blocking UV Rays?

Block 94% of damaging UV energy with Solarban 70 glass. With glass that blocks UV rays, you can feel confident knowing you and your guests are adequately protected while indoors. Plus, you’ll stay cool in your home’s natural lighting while being shielded from three-fourths of the sun’s heat energy, even in the summer months.

What are the Benefits of Solarban 70 Glass?

  • Well suited for all climates—hot and cold
  • Annealed, heat-strengthened and tempered applications
  • Standard and oversized glass sizing options
  • Low heating and cooling costs for window walls with seamless views

Why Choose Solarban 70 Sun-Blocking Windows and Doors?

Style meets function with high-performance Solarban low-e glass. Offering a clear appearance with exceptional solar control, Solarban 70 is the premium solution for residential glass needs. Color, size and other specifications can be customized for your home’s personalized design. VistaView experts can help you determine options to best fit your project needs.

Solarban 70 Features

  • Blocks 94% of damaging UV energy
  • Stops nearly 75% of solar heat energy
  • Allows over 60% of daylight to pass through
  • Transmits almost 80% as much visible light as standard clear insulating glass
  • Offers low reflectivity for glare control
  • Provides a clear aesthetic for versatility
  • Reduces heating and cooling energy costs
  • Prevents furniture, fabric and carpet fading

Solar Glass Performance

Quickly recoup your investment in Solarban 70 glass with impressive utility cost savings. The
impressive Solarban 70 U-Value—a measure of the heat transferred through a window’s surface—
shows unmatched insulation from extreme temperatures. All Solarban 70 options have 0.28 U-Value
in winter nighttime and 0.24 U-Value in windows with argon gas placed between window layers.

Why VistaView for Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors?

Partnering with a local, accessible dealer for easy installation is critical when choosing residential products. VistaView offers simple solutions and expert service you can trust for years to come. Our extensive experience with heat-efficient windows allows us to provide timely and innovative ideas to elevate our clients’ projects.

Ready for Solarban 70 Glass that Saves Energy? Let’s Talk.

Keep your home cool and energy bills low with Solarban 70 glass. Connect with knowledgeable VistaView team members for custom solutions.