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Style meets durability with exceptional residential products from VistaView. With our high-performance doors and windows, contractors and architects deliver remarkable designs without sacrificing quality. Benefit from unmatched value with knowledgeable VistaView experts and top-tier products that make homes safer and more efficient.

What is High-Performance Glass?

High-performance glass is carefully designed and produced to provide a variety of benefits for homeowners. Choosing a superior product for your residential project will prove a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Benefits of Choosing High-Performance Glass

Impact Resistance

Reinforced glass products can easily withstand strong wind, hail and debris caused by hurricanes or other severe weather. Our weather-proofing lamination and film process keeps glass intact and prevents dangerous shattering.

Cost Savings

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency will mean lower utility bills. Experience significant cost savings with high-performance glass designed to more effectively maintain your home’s ideal temperature without pricey fluctuations throughout the year.

Temperature Regulation

Enjoy an optimal indoor temperature wherever you are with Solarban® 70 glass. On warm days, it blocks three-fourths of the sun’s heat energy while maintaining natural light. On cold days, it cuts winter heat loss in half compared to ordinary windows.

Imagine a More Energy-Efficient Home

How Can I Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

We make it simple for homeowners to save on utility costs with VistaView’s energy efficient doors and windows. Our unbeatable Solarban 70 glass is the perfect solution for any climate. Featuring the world’s first triple-silver, magnetron sputter vacuum deposition coating, Solarban 70 provides next-level solar control to keep your space at a comfortable temperature.

What is solarban 70?

Solarban 70 is the most commonly requested triple-silver coated, low-e glass in the industry. Its ability to effectively insulate homes paves the way for bold window walls without worries about high heating or cooling costs. By reducing heat transmission, Solarban 70 glass stabilizes indoor temperatures while offering seamless views for homeowners.

Impact Glass for Coastal Construction

How Do I protect windows and doors during hurricane season?

Your windows and doors are some of the most important elements for home protection. High-impact doors and windows are designed to keep homeowners and their families safe from hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather. Our resilient glass resists dangerous atmospheric pressure, debris and straight-line ocean winds before and after a major storm hits. Stay safe from shattered glass that can lead to injuries and leave your home vulnerable to interior damage.

What are the Benefits of Impact Glass?

.With our products, homeowners can be prepared every hurricane season to eliminate safety concerns. As hurricanes and other weather events continue to increase, impact glass can help you stay ahead of hazards with impressive durability. Plus, VistaView’s glass meets design needs with several customization options for a stylish finish.

How Do I Choose Impact Glass?

It is critical to select impact glass that meets your home’s specific needs. Your choices will be impacted by your budget, location, timeline, design and concern for energy efficiency. VistaView experts can assist contractors and homeowners with the precise solution for their unique project needs.

Impact Glass Options

Laminated vs. Insulated Laminated

These are the two main types of impact glass. The popular laminated glass option fuses a thin plastic film between two sheets of glass. The insulated laminated glass option better preserves energy with an air pocket sealed between the layers of glass.

Window Films and Adhesives

Strong hurricanes and debris can threaten ordinary glass windows and doors. A more affordable option for homeowners, added window films and adhesives from VistaView prevent shattered glass that could harm a home’s occupants.

Corrosion Resistance

Multipoint locking systems from VistaView protect windows and doors from corrosion that can run rampant in coastal environments. Benefit from long-lasting parts that stand the test of time—which means less costly repairs and leakage.

Custom Powder Coated Doors and Windows

What are Powder Coated Doors and Windows?

Effectively resist painting and chipping of your window and door frames with powder coating. With no harsh chemicals or toxic waste, the process is environmentally friendly and improves longevity of a frame’s paint—even in harsh environments. A spray gun applies colored powder paint, which is then baked at high temperatures for a deeply pigmented, glossy finish. With many options and custom color matching, VistaView can make powder coated doors and windows to fit your style.

Best Home Hardware for a Luxury Look

Your home hardware should match your home’s elegance. Even the smallest details can make a huge difference in appearance and functionality. With our high-quality products, you can enjoy your home with easy-to-use handles and fittings. We offer the best home hardware options that are built for long-lasting performance—preventing expensive repairs or replacements down the line.

If i want to upgrade, where should i start?

There are many types of home hardware to choose from. At VistaView, our experts are
knowledgeable in the right handles and fittings for your unique home project. You’ll begin by identifying the types of hardware you need, such as window hinges or entryway handles. VistaView offers a multitude of colors, finishes and styles to suit your taste.

Why VistaView for High-Performance Glass Solutions?

You can count on VistaView to get your home projects done right, every time. Our glass experts are eager to meet today’s design challenges and stay ahead of tomorrow’s trends—delivering you the best end product possible.

When you work with us, you benefit from streamlined processes to do things smarter and quicker. Prefabricated VistaView products are delivered directly to job sites for quick installation. We have a strong commitment to make our clients’ jobs easier with timely assistance from local experts. From inception to completion, we show an unbeatable dedication to getting projects done on time and on budget.

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