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Experience the Best Powder Coating for Your Home’s Style

Choose resilience for your home’s door and window frames. Ultra-durable powder coating by VistaView is done locally in our Coral Springs location and effortlessly resists scratching or fading with a polyester barrier. Custom options make for a fully-flexible design experience that fits your home’s unique needs.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a superior dry finishing process fusing dry powder to metal for a tougher coating than other methods. The powder is electromagnetically applied using a certified powder coating applicator for an unmatched finish. Polyester powder coating performs significantly better than liquid coating.

How long does Powder Coating last?

Powder coating will give you first-class protection of your product and only needs a little soap and water to keep it clean. Powder coating finishes can last up to 20 years depending on the exposure to UV light and outdoor environment. Scratchresistant powder coating is the perfect preventative option to keep your home looking its best.

What are the benefits of Powder Coating?

No method of painting is better than powder coating. Your framing will make a bold statement with brighter and vibrant colors over time. With a superior protective coating, powder coating prevents oxygen and moisture exposure from rusting your window and door frames. Though a greater initial investment, powder coating saves homeowners on long-term repair and replacement costs.

Dependable Powder Coating Performance

proven results with powder coating

Avoid running or streaking that creates an uneven look with first-rate powder coating from VistaView, a certified TCI powder coating applicator for AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605. Enjoy a premium aesthetic appeal and lasting strength that remains a top choice for contractors, architects and homeowners. 

Powder Coating vs. Painting

Exceptional Results and Benefits

Powder coating provides far better results than traditional painting methods. Effectively resist damage from extreme weather, UV rays, corrosion and accidents with custom powder coating. Additional benefits include more deeply pigmented color, no streaking or lines from thinned paint and increased edge coverage.

Choosing a Powder Coating Finish Offers:
  • Efficiency: Powder coating is electromagnetically applied for little waste.
  • Environmental benefits: Eco-friendly powder coating avoids toxic and harsh chemicals.
  • Low maintenance: Enjoy your space hassle-free with no need for liquid top coats, solvents or harsh cleaners to maintain your finish.

VistaView’s Unmatched Powder Coating Expertise

Trust the expertise of VistaView for reliable powder coating that maintains your home’s luxury appearance. Certified by premium international supplier TCI, VistaView experts are adequately trained in proper application for the finest results. Customizable options allow for seamless design integration. Feel confident in your finish’s staying power with extensive lab-tested performance for powder coated doors and powder coated windows. 

Match Your Custom Design with VistaView Powder Coating

Powder coating from VistaView offers the opportunity to match almost any color specification, as well as match our standard colors: Aldora White, Bermuda Bronze and Matte Black. Superior design flexibility allows contractors, architects and homeowners to create a personalized look according to their exact style. We offer 10000 Series AAMA 2604-17 and the 11000 Series AAMA 2605-17, both scratch-resistant modified polyester resins, with weather-and fade-resistant finishes to help protect against UV and ozone rays.

Benefit from shortened lead times and faster delivery by working with a single-source glass fabricator. Experienced VistaView team members apply powder coating directly to your frames with unparalleled precision and accuracy for outstanding results.

Ready for Superior Window and Door Finishes with Powder Coating?

Choose the best powder coating application to match your home’s elegance. Connect with the experts at VistaView to explore options for your individual project needs.