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Beautiful design choices can be a crucial step in making your house feel like a home. Whether you’re renovating your existing home or building a new one, trendy, yet elegant design choices will help your space feel lavish and timeless, while still up-to-date. Here are five luxury design trends for 2023 and how to achieve them:

1. Elevated Minimalism

Luxury Entrance Doors

While minimalism has been a popular design choice for decades, this year’s trend calls for an upscale, elevated version of the traditionally scaled-down style. Carefully selected pieces with dramatic flair can give your home personality without it feeling too cluttered: Think unique vintage furniture pieces, statement textiles or colorful art that can draw attention without making the space feel untidy.

Architectural design choices can help you achieve this look, too. Dramatic, luxury entrance doors or pivot doors from VistaView welcome guests into your space and create an impressive and memorable first impression. And for your patio or garden, a sleek, modern sliding door, a large front set fixed window, or set of romantic French doors allows you to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces with style.

2. At-Home Oases

2023 design trends call for calming spaces within the home solely devoted to rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Creating these at-home oases is easy with spa-like touches, including furniture pieces with clean lines, décor made of organic materials like cotton, hemp or bamboo, neutral tile accents and soft lighting. 

For a truly decadent spa atmosphere, a custom glass shower enclosure or shower doors from the Peterson Aldora line can create a dramatic focal point in your bathroom. Available in a variety of styles, including barn-door style, framed, semi-frameless and bypass/sliding options, these custom glass shower enclosures can help you create the elegant, resort-style oasis you’re looking for.

3. Traditional Floor Plans With Open Views

Open floor plans are losing ground as many people have spent more time at home over the past few years. A return to traditional floor plans means maintaining separation and privacy in your home, allowing for dedicated, quiet spaces to work and rest. However, even with a traditional floor plan layout, no one wants their views obstructed. Aldora offers clear heavy glass doors to partition off any space for a sleek and modern look.

Creating an open, airy feel, even with a closed-off space, is easy with VistaView windows. Casement windows are a classic choice that allow natural light into a space. For a truly breathtaking transformation, create a floor to ceiling glass wall with Maximum View windows. These massive and stunning, butt-glazed windows allow for unmatched, uninterrupted views that are perfect for making a traditional floor plan feel as open as possible.

Maximum View Windows
Neutral Casement Winndow

4. Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are 2023’s go-to colors. They create a comforting, lived-in feel to your home while still achieving a clean and modern aesthetic. Warm browns, greiges and ivories are the perfect foundation for pops of color in your décor.

Enjoy style flexibility with VistaView’s window powder coating line. Available in three classic color choices, Aldora White, Flat Black and Bermuda Bronze, this streak-free finish is scratch and fade-resistant for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Architectural Design Trends

A continued focus on the environment and the effects of climate change means that luxury home design trends are going eco-friendly. Sustainably sourced, recycled or renewable building materials, including bamboo, are growing in popularity as builders and homeowners seek greener options for homes.

Additionally, products that help improve a home’s energy efficiency are gaining traction. You can improve your home’s energy efficiency, and therefore save on energy costs and electricity consumption, with Solarban® 70, a type of energy efficient glass. Solarban 70 regulates the amount of glare and heat that are transmitted through the glass, without sacrificing light, clarity or style. This makes Solarban energy efficient glass perfect for keeping homes cool and reducing energy costs.

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