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Luxury homeowners in Florida don’t want to sacrifice stunning views to protect their home from hurricanes and other storms. The good news is that they don’t have to with high impact windows, which offer many benefits in addition to security. VistaView and its parent company Aldora offer a range of hurricane impact windows and doors to choose from — all with higher design pressures and larger panel sizes than competitors. Read below to learn more.

High Impact Glass Windows

1. Better protection for homes and their contents

As the name implies, impact windows help minimize the risk of property damage from tropical storms due to impacts from strong winds or flying debris. Standard windows may break and allow wind to pressurize a home, causing even more damage by lifting the roof or damaging the home’s overall structure. The frames and seals of impact-resistant windows are also sturdier to prevent rain and floodwaters from entering a home and damaging walls, floors, furniture and other contents.

2. Improved safety for residents

Modern hurricane impact front doors and windows can also provide residents with peace of mind during a storm. If the glass in impact windows does break, it will remain in place without shattering. That means no flying glass and less risk of someone being hurt by sharp glass during clean-up.

Impact Glass Door and Windows

3. Increased security

Extra Large Impact-Resistant Windows in Florida Home

Residents can also feel safer 24/7 in their home and when they’re away if they have impact windows or doors. Burglars usually try to enter through windows or doors. However, most won’t even attempt to break into the tough, thick glass of impact resistant sliding glass doors or windows.

4. Lower energy costs

Most people understand that impact windows provide better protection from storms, but many don’t realize how much more energy efficient they are because they’re thicker and built to last longer. In hot areas like Florida, having low-E windows like the ones available from VistaView in a home is estimated to save more than 40% annually.

5. Reduced insurance premiums

While impact windows cost more up front, most homeowners can recover the difference in savings on lower utility bills and lower insurance premiums. Many insurance companies factor in both the lower risk from storm damage and lower risk of burglaries in homes with hurricane impact windows and doors.

Front door and windows exterior

Custom Options for High Impact Windows

Luxury homeowners don’t have to choose between being protected from storms and allowing natural beauty and light in. Custom hurricane-resistant windows help keep winds, rains and flying debris out, while offering sleek, modern designs. VistaView and Aldora have used their experience to create hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors that come in a variety of colors, finishes and styles to meet performance standards and style expectations. We’re located in Coral Springs, Florida, and fabricate all windows locally. You’ll get short lead times and products delivered to your job site. Request a quote today.

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