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Experience a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces for your clients with the sleek and modern Slim Line sliding doors by VistaView. Featuring an interlock system with an ultra-thin front line view of 1,″ these doors provide less unobstructed views and still provide the same design pressure as our standard sliding glass doors. Explore Slim Line sliding doors for your next luxury residential project.

Sleek and Lightweight Design

Creating an open and airy feel, these high-end sliding glass doors can perfectly fit your clients’ needs. 

With panel sizes up to 60” wide and 120” tall, these sleek glass sliding doors are surprisingly light and easy to move. Available in 2-3 track configurations, they have a front-line view of 1″ and a 1¼” sightline. Smooth vinyl roller hardware allows the door to glide effortlessly along the tracks.  

Despite their lightweight feel and slim look, these doors are made to last. Durable materials ensure they hold up to regular use, with glass panels available in either 9/16” thick single-glazed or 1” thick insulated-laminated.  

Sliding glass door

Effortless Style with Custom Options

Every client wants something unique and customized for their home. A luxury glass sliding door is the perfect complement. For a seamless, cohesive look, these sliding glass doors can be color matched to the existing doors and windows in your client’s homes. You also have the option to choose from our three standard colors—Aldora White, Flat Black, and Bermuda Bronze. 

Durable and versatile, these custom sliding doors blend into any design aesthetic, from contemporary to traditional.

Impact-Resistant Glass for Coastal Conditions

Ensuring your sliding doors will withstand powerful tropical storms and hurricanes is crucial. Built with first-rate assembly and heavy-duty materials, our Slim Line sliding glass doors are also impact-resistant.

Quality hardware to meet your needs

VistaView offers premium sliding door hardware solutions for any home or construction project. Our sliding doors feature a slim and sleek stopper for easy use, as well as easy-to-grip handles. Our models rely on our smooth gliding door tracks for easy use. With colors, finishes, and styles to suit any taste, our products can give any space a cohesive, customized appearance with fewer repairs over time.

Sliding door handle

Partner with VistaView for your next project

We’re ready to finish your home’s dream look with luxury hardware. Connect with VistaView experts to find superb solutions.