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Finishing touches are some of the most important but overlooked elements of a home. These elements offer key functionality needed to navigate your home with ease. By investing in the best home hardware, you and your guests can enjoy a seamless living experience without hassles and malfunctions.

Hardware can add to your home’s existing value. It is critical to choose well-made pieces that match your home’s sophisticated style. Consistent finishes and quality ties together the features of your home—establishing cohesive elegance throughout the space.

Reasons to Invest in Quality Hardware

  • Exceptional quality: Harsh-condition testing ensures durable products.
  • Luxurious style: Color and design options offer timeless
  • Easy installation: Single-installer functionality makes the process
  • Lower long-term costs: Lasting parts mean less repairs and
  • Premium dependability: You can rely on your products for top

Types of Hardware to Match Your Home’s Exquisite Look

There are a variety of hardware offerings to consider for your home. Each space and element of your home requires careful attention. From bathrooms to your entryways, hardware types can notably enhance your space further. Hardware types include:

Door hardware

Secure your home with door handles and fittings from residential door hardware manufacturers that produce high-quality products.

Shower Door hardware

Add to your bathroom’s refined aesthetic with luxurious finishing touches. The right handles and fittings can make your glass door shine.

Window hardware

Utilize premium hinges, handles and screens for reliable, easy-to-use casement window options for nearly any space.

Finding the Perfect Luxury Shower Door Hardware

High-End Shower Hardware

Even the smallest details in your home should be chosen with care—including selecting the best shower hardware for your bathroom. Upscale hardware options will maintain your bathroom’s stylish appearance while offering long-term dependability.

Whether seeking handles, hinges, brackets, clips or all the components, Murano Shower Hardware from Peterson by Aldora offers extraordinary value and extravagant looks. You can choose on-trend colors including chrome, brushed nickel, matte black (select items) and oil-rubbed bronze (select items) for your own customized look.

Welcome Guests with Premium Door Handles

Your entryway is an especially important feature of your home—serving as the first impression for guests, neighbors and onlookers. Premium entry door handles manufactured with top-notch parts will complement your home’s splendor.

Investing in exemplary products is part of a larger investment in your home’s value. You’ll save on long-term ownership costs with less repairs and replacements if you stay in your home. Either way, paying for premium door handles and hardware is a smart investment. Well-made door handles and advanced locking mechanisms also provide secure peace-of-mind that your home is protected at its main entry point—leaving no doubts about you or your family’s safety.

You can keep your entrances protected knowing that VistaView offers the best door hardware, hinges, stoppers, and locks. For entrance, pivot, and french doors, we offer ladder pull hardware of up to eight feet high – ideal for a custom and extravagant look. If you want to go bigger you can add a transom to the top of the door. For our sliding doors, we have sleek and slim door stoppers for complete luxury. Our premium products are designed to endure the toughest climate conditions with ease.

Luxury Entrance Doors with Ladder Handles

Elegantly Style Windows with Home Hardware

Hardware to open or lock windows should align with your home’s luxurious feel. Selecting first-rate options will further enhance the attractiveness of your space—both to interior guests and exterior viewers. VistaView provides folding handles that avoid interior decorations, smooth stainless steel hinges, and optional extruded screen frames free of tabs or corner pulls. We also offer superior folding handles to avoid interior decorations, like blinds or curtains. You should have window casements you can count on for years to come.

Partner with VistaView for your next project

We’re ready to finish your home’s dream look with luxury hardware. Connect with VistaView experts to find superb solutions.