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What is Hurricane Resistant Glass?

Spring is here and with it, hurricane season is on the horizon, here to remind us to protect our glass. If you’re building near the Atlantic coast or the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane proof glass is something to consider for your construction project. What is hurricane proof glass and what does that term mean? What damage are you protected from with hurricane-proof glass options? We’ll answer these questions and more in this post. Match the right glass product to your residential construction project with these tips.

Glass Options for Hurricanes: Laminated Glass vs. Window Film

The demand for hurricane proof glass has steadily increased since the early 1990’s as we’ve seen storm severity and subsequent damage increase. There are levels of weather resistance in glass manufacturing, each with a different goal in mind. The two primary methods of weather-proofing glass are lamination and the application of a film.

Laminated security glass

Laminated glass is made using the same method used to produce what we know as “bulletproof” glass. By laminating, in multiple layers sandwiching a flexible polymer layer, glass products are reinforced to withstand impact from wind, hail, and debris caused by hurricane winds. Be sure to match the right lamination specs with your weather predictions; the stronger the glass, the more impact it can withstand!

Hurricane window film

Hurricane window film’s goal is to prevent harm in the event the glass is broken. This method is used in your vehicle’s windshield to prevent shattering if there’s a wreck or a rock hits the glass. When window film is applied to glass, it ensures the glass will not shatter on impact, causing additional damage and possible bodily harm.

Do I Really Need Windows That Can Weather the Storm?

f you live in an area with a high frequency of hurricane activity, your building code or state regulations may require you to install hurricane-proof glass in your residential construction project. When sourcing your glass for your construction project, find one’s that match your state’s building codes.

Understanding Weather’s Impact on Your Construction

Prepare now for the impact of future storms with impact resistant glass. There’s a reason we talk about the “force of nature.” The damage caused by winds and rain, followed by flooding and tornadoes, can be significant.

Windows and Doors

Clearly, glass is naturally vulnerable to the elements and flying debris. Topping lists of damage following hurricanes are homes’ windows are doors.

Roofs, Siding and Shutters

As small, externally attached features to the house, roofs, siding and shutters bear the brunt of the unrelenting force of wind and rain during a hurricane.


Uprooted shrubbery and fallen trees are seriously problematic in the aftermath of a hurricane to homes, power lines, and other public infrastructure. A significant source of debris, trees cause substantial damage in their residential neighborhoods.

Weighing the Risks of Hurricane Damage

Taking a look at the potential financial risks to not weatherproofing your home’s construction can provide a clearer understanding of the real impact of storms. The number of annual catastrophic weather events is increasing in recent years, according to National Centers for Environmental Information. Hurricane Katrina clocked in with the record cost in damages at $172.5 billion, but a number of significantly costly storms in this decade have left destruction in their wake. The cost to homeowners is widely variable, but in regions at risk for hurricane damage, the cost of carrying hurricane insurance and subsequent deductibles is a standard incurred cost of building and living in a coastal location.

Choosing Hurricane Proof Glass for Your Coastal Construction

When looking to withstand the impact of extreme weather, quality in your hurricane-proof glass fabrication is essential to guaranteeing the kind of performance your clients expect. With the latest technology and seamless fabrication to installation track, VistaView provides builders the glass procurement experience they’ve been waiting for, while delivering the performance and quality homeowners demand for their coastal construction..

For your next construction project, there are few options to consider for hurricane-proofing your build:


Available in custom dimensions and finishes, VistaView windows withstand the elements and are impact-proof, while framing your view in clean lines and crystal-clear glass.


With elegant style, high-end performance, and world-class durability, VistaView doors for residential construction provide door solutions for your entire project.

Design Meets Durability with VistaView for Luxury Window Solutions

Don’t compromise your design for function and durability with hurricane-proof glass. Available in custom sizes and designs for windows and doors, the VistaView team works with coastal and island contractors to see the highest quality glass fabricated and installed for state of the art, luxury glass experience ready to perform for decades and withstand the elements. In the face of the extreme weather conditions created by hurricanes, VistaView stands up to the test.

Partner with VistaView for your next project

We’re ready to finish your home’s dream look with luxury hardware. Connect with VistaView experts to find superb solutions.