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Aldora, the leading manufacturer and fabricator of aluminum and glass storefronts, announces the launch of a new website for its residential division, VistaView, at The new website is dedicated to residential products and services, featuring luxury windows and doors. Homeowners, contractors and architects will now have direct access to product information, blog articles and valuable resources, including product comparisons, maintenance guides and warranty manuals.

Timeless quality with local support

Our modern windows and doors are unmatched in style and performance, and the new website makes it even easier for homeowners and contractors to build luxury homes,” said Manny Valladares, VP Engineering and Product Development. “We’re excited to give our residential customers this exclusive site to explore our products and access helpful resources.”

Headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, since 2021, VistaView manufactures high-performance doors and windows with modern designs for luxury homes. The company specializes in powder coating for unique color matching, impact glass for storm protection and customizable hardware for unique finishing touches. In addition to customizable products, VistaView also offers valuable services like job site delivery to help contractors meet project deadlines.

Luxury Windows and Doors in Florida home

Innovative new products

High-End Sliding Glass Door

The company’s products include sliding doors and Slim Line sliding doors with quality hardware, casement windows with a low-rise frame for slimmer interior sight lines, mullion-free Maximum View windows for uninterrupted views, pivot doors that open with the push of a finger and entrance doors with built-in three-point locks.

These impact-resistant products, designed to complete the entire home, are tested in severe weather conditions to ensure durability through hurricane conditions.

Partner with VistaView for your next project

We’re ready to finish your home’s dream look with luxury hardware. Connect with VistaView experts to find superb solutions.