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Elevate Luxury Home Design with High-End Glass

Glass is often a key feature in both high-end residential construction and commercial projects, and for good reasons. Glass features drastically increase the amount of natural light while still being energy efficient.

Glass can also be highly customizable, so think beyond just including luxury doors and windows. Together with parent company Aldora, VistaView can also create high-end glass railings and partitions, wine rooms, shower doors and more to highlight stunning views and elevate any home.

Upscale glass enclosures and custom features

First impressions matter. Custom all-glass features offer unparalleled freedom throughout a home to create the ultimate first impression. A custom heavy glass entrance welcomes guests into a bright, clean, sophisticated space. Beyond traditional living spaces, a wine room made from high-end glass will stop guests in their tracks.  

Stunning and sturdy glass railings

Staircases are often a focal point for homes, so accentuate them with custom glass railings that are as beautiful as they are strong. Clear railings on patios and decks are popular in high-end home design because they don’t obstruct scenic views. Because of our expertise in both laminated and tempered glass panels, we can help you create attractive interior and exterior glass railings that provide versatility, innovation and elegance. 

Stylish glass shower doors

High-end glass can also make bathrooms elegant yet functional. Give luxury homeowners the spa-like experience they desire every day by creating a one-of-a-kind shower with custom glass shower doors that can complement any size, style and technical specs. Statement-making hardware finishes the look, including hinges, brackets, clips, handles and towel bars.  

Custom, impact-resistant glass doors and windows

To seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, consider custom entrance doors, large windows or sliding glass doors. A unique entrance door sets the tone for the entire home. French or Pivot doors with optional transom and sidelights offer even more versatility. Floor to ceiling windows provide a clear view without sacrificing safety and durability. For homeowners who want the view and want to easily step out and enjoy their outdoor space, we also offer  glass sliding doors

Front door and windows exterior

High-end hardware

The details matter when it comes to high-end residential construction and that includes hardware for windows and doors. Luxury homeowners want modern options that will last, while also being beautiful and functional.

Sliding Glass Doors

Explore high-end glass options available exclusively from VistaView and Aldora

Together VistaView and Aldora have the experience and services to manage all your custom glass projects. Whether you need a custom heavy glass entrance, unique railings or specially designed shower doors, we offer the glass types and expertise to create custom glass that makes it easy for you to install breathtaking features on time and on budget. Our experts will be there to help bring projects from concept to completion with elegance and taste.   

Partner with VistaView for your next project

We’re ready to finish your home’s dream look with luxury hardware. Connect with VistaView experts to find superb solutions.