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Architects turn to Solarban® 70 Glass for its powerful performance. The high-quality product effectively reduces heat transmission and prevents harmful solar radiation, keeping indoor spaces safe and at cool temperatures. Those features pair with its clear appearance.

Innovative Solarban Low-E Glass reaches new heights when it comes to heat and radiation control—going beyond conventional tinted glass options as the world’s first triple-silver, magnetron sputter vacuum deposition coating. The process involves the machine—the magnetron sputter vacuum—applying three thin layers of vaporized silver atoms to the glass in sequence with other necessary layers. This coating is applied directly to the glass as a protective finish, resulting in unparalleled protection. Its unique cooling capacity is an exceptional choice for a variety of warm-weather projects, from buildings in the Florida heat to those in the desert sun.

Aldora emboldens architects and contractors to use Solarban 70 Glass to smash through barriers on building design. Installing wide-ranging window panels no longer drains costs with high cooling or heating bills. Instead, Solarban 70’s ability to prevent heat transmission keeps indoor temperatures stable, resulting in less long-term energy expenses and mechanical equipment costs. This allows contractors to implement bold window walls with seamless views, eliminating conventional worries about high cooling costs.

Discover Solarban 70 Specs and Features

There are many performance options to fit specific project needs. The Solarban 70 Glass coating can produce solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) as low as 0.19 and light to solar gain (LSG) ratios ranging from 1.68 to 2.15.

One of the most popular options is Solarban® 70 (2) + Clear, which offers these features:

Light Transmission specs
  • 54% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)
  • 13% Exterior Visible Light Reflectance
  • 14% Interior Visible Light Reflectance
Heat and radiation specs
  • 0.28 Winter Nighttime U-Value
  • 0.27 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • 2.37 Light to Solar Gain

Solarban 70 specs are dependent upon the type of coating you choose, which depends on the needs of your specific building. Aldora experts are here to help you assess which option best fits your project. 

Solarban 70 U-Value Shows Product Capabilities

Builders can be confident that Solarban 70 U-Values will effectively regulate temperatures year-round. Heat and bright sunlight are further deterred with visible light reflectance by exterior and interior coatings.

A U-Value is a measure of heat transferred through a window’s surface. The lower the number, the less heat is transferred, indicating better insulated glass. All Solarban 70 options have 0.28 U-Value in winter nighttime and 0.24 U-Value in windows with argon gas. These numbers indicate impressive protection from cold temperatures—perfect for chilly climates. The argon gas is an odorless, colorless substance placed between window layers that provides top-notch insulation. 

Determining how much heat passes through windows can be critical when deciding on a product for your next project. Greater protection from outdoor temperatures means lower heating and cooling costs in any building. Solarban 70 U-Values offer impressive coating to efficiently keep spaces at ideal temperatures for less money.

Benefits of Glass that Blocks UV Rays

Many people are concerned about harmful UV rays from the sun entering their buildings—exposing the people inside to radiation. The exposure can be prevented with glass that blocks UV rays, including Solarban 70 options. Protective coatings applied to the glass significantly reduce the transfer of radiation to give building owners and occupants peace of mind.

The amount of solar energy transmitted through windows is measured by solar heat gain. Similar to U-Value, a lower value indicates less radiation entering a building’s interior. The Graylite® II + Solarban® 70 (3) Clear options offer the most impressive solar heat gain coefficient at 0.11.

Find your Building’s Perfect Exterior Appearance with Solarban 70

Multiple color options are available with Solarban Low-e Glass. Builders can choose from an array of options specific to their project’s needs. Available tones include blue, green, gray and brown. Each of the color choices are available in a variety of shades, giving builders complete control over the look and feel of their project’s finished appearance. Whether choosing green shade Atlantica® or blue shade Pacifica®, there’s an option for every style.

Trust Solarban 70 Performance Data

Architects and contractors can feel confident when choosing and installing Solarban 70. Not only does the product offer comprehensive protection from heat and UV rays, it also provides exceptional appearance options for any residential building.

Solarban 70 performance data makes clear the product’s wide-range of capabilities. The data assures builders with their choice of Solarban 70 Glass for their projects—providing them with the information they need to make the best decision.

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