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Pair resilience with luxury. VistaView high-performance FS-300 Maximum View butt-glazed system enhances the transition between indoors and outdoors, with strengthened glass and tight sealing that instantly heightens any home design. State-of-the-art engineering also ensures the impact resistant glass withstands the toughest coastal weather conditions.

Water Resistant Glass Windows Endure Severe Conditions

Prepare for hurricanes and tropical storms with our FS-300 Maximum View glass windows. Flying debris and high winds are no match for our high impact glass , built and tested to withstand +/- 70 pounds per square foot to help protect homes and belongings.

Our products are Florida Building Code approved and go through vigorous testing to provide a high quality impact resistant product. Trusted by industry experts, the FS-300 Maximum View glass windows provide critical protection in harsh coastal environments. The high performance glass also offers a stunningly clear, unparalleled view of coastal sights.

Key features

  • Mullion- Free Impact Glass System
  • Hurricane-resistant to endure harsh coastal conditions
  • Easier assembly and installation than any competing product on the market
  • Customization options available to align with your unique home design
  • Glass can be butted together at maximum sizes of 60” x 120” for seamless, stunning views

Custom Hurricane Glass Windows to Meet Your Needs

FS-300 Maximum View glass windows are a first-rate option for enhanced views. VistaView uses a butt joint glazed approach to connect glass panes without vertical frames. This provides an uninterrupted, luxury experience that meets high-end aesthetic needs and transforms your home’s design.

These high-pressure glass windows provide an exceptional solution to elevate the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. They can be customized as needed to meet individual home and design needs.

Low-E, HIGH PERFORMANCE Glass to improve comfort

  • Achieve optimal efficiency and aesthetics for your home’s design
  • Allow resplendent natural light, while keeping rooms cool and comfortable
  • Minimize the amount of solar radiation that enters the home while also maximizing your control of interior temperatures that can be affected by the warmth of daylight.

Start-to-finish total support

Reduce your wait times with the FS-300 Maximum View impact-resistant windows, delivered directly to your job site. Our in-house manufacturing of all materials coupled with shortened transit time dramatically reduces the chances of product damage on the way to homes. 

VistaView windows and doors are crafted locally, you can add several of our other products to be delivered at the same time to complete your renovation or new home construction project

Partner with VistaView for your next project

We’re ready to finish your home’s dream look with luxury hardware. Connect with VistaView experts to find superb solutions.