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Very few features make an impression both inside and outside of a home. That’s what makes windows a central component to a home’s ambience and style. They offer grand views of the outside while flooding the inside with natural light. When luxury is your client’s goal, the benefits of replacing windows are clear with expanded views, a refined uniqueness, improved efficiency and much more.

Watch Home Values Rise

Replacing old windows can be a rewarding home improvement project that provides a nice return on investment. Homeowners can increase their home’s value by adding energy-efficient windows that complement the look of the home. It can also increase appeal to potential buyers if the owner decides to sell down the road.

Beat the Heat with Energy Efficiency

One of the best benefits of new windows is improved energy efficiency. Old windows may let in drafts when there are problems with sealing and insulation. This can result in uncomfortable temperatures and high energy costs for heating and cooling.

High-performance windows are designed for a seal-tight fit to properly insulate homes. This improves the comfort of the home and minimizes energy costs.

To take it a step further, windows with a Low-E glass coating effectively block UV rays to prevent high heating and cooling costs. One such Low-E glass product, Solarban® 70 glass, available from VistaView, blocks three-fourths of the sun’s heat energy on warm days and cuts heat loss in half on old days for maximum efficiency.

Let the Light In

Natural light creates inviting spaces inside the home and improves energy efficiency by decreasing the need for other lighting during the day. There are also health benefits including boosting your mood and improving sleep. New windows may allow more natural light into the home to lighten the room and the mood.  

Enhance a Modern Aesthetic

New windows are a way to elevate a home’s style and convey luxury. Modern, customizable windows can match a home’s unique aesthetic, even down to the details with customizable hardware. VistaView’s powder coating allows a perfect color match to other features of the home for a cohesive sense of style.  

Safety and Security Under Control 

Old windows may be difficult to open, causing a hazard in emergencies such as a fire. Locks that don’t function properly pose a security risk. Provide your client with the security of new windows designed with easy functionality and secure locking features.  

Save Time and Money with Low Maintenance

Homeowners save time and money on costly maintenance for old windows. For example, wood windows must be maintained often to address potential for rot. This can be avoided by replacing them with easy-to-maintain aluminum windows.

New windows are designed for simpler maintenance with easier to access parts and a less frequent need for cleaning.

Protect the Home’s Interior

Why replace windows? Over time, dangerous UV rays can fade carpets, rugs and furniture. Many new windows are designed to block these rays to protect the interior of the home—without blocking natural light. This can help maintain the sophisticated style homeowners desire while still allowing plenty of light to fill the room.

Why Choose VistaView Windows?

Work with a local company for custom windows that fit easily into existing spaces, allowing for an easy installation and peak performance. Our high degree of product quality means fewer repairs over time. Plus, we’ll deliver windows to your job site in our own trucks so you can keep the project moving along quickly. Want to find out more about VistaView’s custom windows? We’re here to help.

Partner with VistaView for your next project

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